About Us

Dream Cycle opened its doors March 1, 2006 to provide excellence in service to the Vancouver cycling community. Our mandate is to only bring in products of the highest quality that we would be proud to offer to our friends and family.

We only sell steel frame bikes- that’s chromoly or Molybdenum. It’s been said that a bike made out of chromoly steel gives a much more compliant ride than aluminum alloys, and has a higher tensile strength. This means they are simultaneously comfortable to ride and built to last! Just look around your neighborhood- bikes built twenty, even thirty years ago are still on the road.

The bottom line is that high-quality steel frames are a great foundation to build on and that’s what we do best. We work closely with you to design the exact bike for your needs. We cover every detail of the bicycle to provide you with an accurate quote. This is our way of ensuring a better product and realizing your dream bike!

Dream Cycle takes great pride in the service that we offer, and keep in mind that service lends itself to many faces! We approach this holistically and it shows in the way we answer the phone, greet you in the store, handle your questions, and in the genuine attention given to every detail of both building and repairing your bicycle. We want you to be safe, so we only stock quality goods. We strive to provide long term solutions, not just band aids.

We’ll have your repaired bike back to you within a day or two. We honestly haven’t got much room for storage, and besides- many of our customers rely on their bikes every day, and we’d like to see you out riding!